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Make every dollar you earn

spendable twice

By using our insanely successful Accelerated Banking Strategy from Safe Money Solutions


save money faster

spend your money guilt free

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You have worked too hard for your money to be throwing away thousands of dollars...

...on taxes and interest payments

Spending money only on necessities is no fun. Take control of your finances and spend your hard earned cash on your desires, guilt-free!

accumulate wealth and live the life you want

...With our accelerated banking strategy

make your bank work for you

Ditch the checking accounts and amortized loans and see our system increase your cash flow. What’s wrong with my checking account and amortized loans? 

In the pop up say: What’s wrong with my current banking? 

We have a quick video/article that will explain to you why your checking accounts and amortized loans are not serving your best financial interests and are actually hindering your opportunities to accumulate wealth. CTA 

spend your increased cash flow how you want

Spend your money guilt-free! Yes, our system puts more money in your pockets and you retain full control over your assets.

our strategy works for anyone

Safe Money Solutions Accelerated Banking Strategy will boost your financial results whether you’re a student or a business owner. 

We meet you where you are, no matter how big or small.

We know you work hard for your money and we care about you having the freedom to do the things you enjoy most.

Jason Nightingale
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You owe it to yourself to take a look into our insanely successful system

Watch Jason Nightingale with a preview of Safe Money Solutions Accelerated Banking Strategy.

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Watch Jason Nightingale with a preview of Safe Money Solutions Accelerated Banking Strategy.

We work for you to create your unique strategy using our mathematically based system.

Here’s all you need to do:


1. schedule a call with one of our agents


2. Develop your unique financial solution

dollar-bill twice

3. implement your solution and watch every dollar you earn become spendable twice!

Stop stressing out about finances and get more cash in your pockets with

Safe Money Solutions Accelerated Banking Strategy.

With the ever-rising tax and interest rates people like you are wasting hard earned money on payments, making it difficult to do the things you enjoy most. 

With our system, created for your unique situation, you’ll increase your cash flow and get to spend your money on what you want guilt-free!

At Safe Money Solutions we know you want financial freedom. In order to achieve that you need a new way to accumulate more money. The problem is you are throwing away thousands of dollars on taxes and interest which makes you feel like living your dream life is out of reach.

We believe you have worked too hard for your money to just be spent on life’s necessities. We understand, we care, and we want to help you be financially free which is why we have already helped more than 3000+ clients accumulate wealth with our Accelerated Banking Strategy.


Already financially free?

We don’t just want you to keep your hard earned money, we want it to work hard for you! Let us show you how to get dynamic results by quantifying a system with more leverage than you are currently using.

Here’s how we do it:

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  2. Schedule a call with an agent for your unique, no obligation, risk free, financial solution.
  3. Implement your solution and watch every dollar you earn become spendable twice!

So, get started now by filling out our quick fact finder form!

And in the meantime, here’s a short survey that will show you how our system can work for you. So you can stop wasting money on taxes and interest payments and instead live the life you want, guilt free!

Why using your currEnt checking & savings accounts are financially hurting you

Download our free guidebook to see if our accelerated banking strategy is for you.

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Safe Money Solutions is for anyone!

home owners us because we rid them of their mortgage payment and debts quickly.

STUDENTS us we clear away their student loans while accumulating cash towards building a brighter future!

RETIREES us because we create dependable retirement leveraging simple strategies.

BUSINESS OWNERS us because we create cash flow and eliminate debt, which helps them solidify their balance sheet.

FARMERS us because we teach them how to be tax efficient and lessen dependency on a banker.

What our clients say

"WOW!! I’ve been working with Jason. He has given me so many ideas on how to save my retirement and make my money work for me….very impressive!! Thank you Jason."
Dan H.
"Spent some time with Jason Nightingale yesterday and learned so much……I recommend setting up an appointment for this valuable information! You will get more savings than you ever imagined. Thanks Jason!!!!"
Ruthie S.
"When I came to Safe Money Solutions I had $40,000 of credit card debt and no hope that I would ever pay it off! Jason coached me on a strategy that is snowballing over $1000 a month and I will be deft free in a little over 4 years! He even helped me find a program that is lowering my student loans! I am so excited! Thank you Jason!!!!"
Brittany T.
"We have been working with Jason Nightingale for about 2 months now. He has shown us how to get out of debt, including our house, in 10-15 years and saving over $100,000 in interest! Also- got 5x the amount of term life insurance for about $10/more a month than I was getting from my employer! Can’t wait to continue working with him….."
Melissa Q.
"WOW! We started with Jason Nightingale before the holidays to look at ways to save and pay off our home. Well, with his plan for us, we should pay off our home loan in about 8 years plus we now have a life insurance policy on both of us that will be part of our retirement. Thanks Jason! Take time and give Jason a call- You won’t regret it!"
Christie A.
"My business does well part of the year, and then we struggle with cash flow in the late winter when the shop gets slower. Safe Money Solutions solved our cash flow issues by helping us take 2 simple steps that has transformed my business forever! I would recommend Jason to anyone wanting to learn banking secrets that are life changing!"
Wayne R.
"I teach budgeting and have had a credit repair business for years. Both my wife and I do not have any debt other than our home. When I met Jason in 2018, he was teaching for a Savings Club I was involved with.. And as I spoke with him he asked all the questions I expected him to (since I was an agent coming onboard as well). Finally, he asked about my mortgage and if I had ever thought about paying it off early…like in just a few years. Well….this was a “new idea” to my thinking… I had always thought I would not pay it off so that I didn’t have a big asset just sitting around doing “nothing” for me. Well… Jason explained a way for us to pay off the home quickly (saving us us nearly $172K in just interest)! Then, when he mentioned ways we could access and grow the saved funds, I was amazed! Our home will be paid off in just four years which is 15 years faster!! Jason has become a close friend that I highly respect and highly refer to."
"We spoke with Jason after a friend told us about how he had helped them with their farm operation. I was surprised at his ideas for saving on taxes in estate planning. He got my attention by showing how efficient his plan is when it comes to taxes and a safe way to store and build cash. We were skeptics at first, until we saw the math and the stability of the companies he works with. We had no idea we could accomplish so much by changing our reliance on banks with our money. The future looks brighter for us and our kids knowing we will NOT be leaving near as much to the IRS. We especially loved his teaching about ways to abolish debt quickly. Now our kids won’t have to inherit that too!"
Walt B.
"Jason has just transformed my real estate investment business by teaching me how to leverage products I knew existed in a way I never dreamed possible! I am now able to acquire and pay off my properties at a much faster rate! This has increased my cash-flow, and it is amazing! I am really excited to have found Safe Money Solutions and learned how to use these wealth building tools!!"
Michael T.
"I was fortunate to meet Jason through a business partnership. After learning what he did, I set up a time to meet with him. Through a very thorough process, we went through my whole financial history. Jason then worked out a series of solutions I could choose from to help my family achieve financial independence and freedom from debt! I highly recommend meeting with him to see how he can help you change your life too !!"
Ardy Reed
"Proud to work together and call you a friend! Congrats Jason on the recent recognition as a top 100 producer. Highly recommend his services with specialties in infinite banking, debt consolidation & optimized life insurance designs. Jason is helping deliver unmatched solutions to his clients."
Louie Hillman
ECA Marketing
"I have worked with Jason and known him for the past 7 years and I don't know of a person that works harder for his family and his clients thatn Jason. He's honest, trustworthy and straight shooter with your best interestes in mind. I would highly recommend him to my closest family and friends."
Jon Borkholder
Todd Johnston Home Inc.
"First, I want to Thank Jason, for Helping us with this AMAZING strategy! I can feel his passion when he is teaching how to PAY a home off in a fraction of the time! Why would anyone want to pay on their home for 30 years when he can help and coach them with amazing strategies to pay it much faster? All I have to say is… I will be applying the same techniques as I purchase investment properties! My wife & I are so grateful for the help Jason has given us personally! THIS IS AMAZING! I just wished I had known about this years ago! ‘Better late than never! 🙂 "
Carlos and Maria Banda
"Our farm has relied on the local bank for operating notes for decades. When we originally met with Jason, it was about Life insurance. Through the process We started asking Jason some other questions about his financial plans. That led us into providing some info on our farm operation. What happened next was simply unbelievable to me…Jason showed us how to end our dependence on the bank in 8 years, and in 15 years, the farm will have almost 3 times the cash on hand that we currently borrow for the entire year! My father ran this farm before me using the bank for money, and I am proud to say I will pass it to my son flush with cash since we have became our own banker! Simple and amazing! "
Chris S.
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Why Using Your Current Checking & Savings Accounts Are financially hurting you

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